For carer support group leaders

The together program aims to be an accessible resource for support groups attended by carers of people with disability in New South Wales.

Whether you are a current carer support group leader, facilitator or president looking for assistance in the running of your group or someone wanting to set up a new group, the together program looks at providing assistance to you.

Your carer support group will be linked with a local organisation who are interested in assisting your group. 

The together program will nurture opportunities for:

  • Peer support for carers.
  • Partnerships between carer support groups and a local Regional Assisting Organisation (RAO).
  • Education and training for support group facilitators to lead groups and for group members on a broad range of relevant topics.
  • Guest speakers to address group by request.
  • Referral where appropriate to other supports.
  • Financial assistance through applications to assist with some group costs.
  • Promotion via the together program website and support group network.
  • Networking between carer support groups across NSW.

To learn more about registering your support group with the together program please read our Frequently Asked Questions. You are also welcome to call the together team on 02 9280 4744 and email


For organisations seeking to link with carer support groups

Organisations that currently assist support groups for carers of people with disability (or are looking to better reach carers through developing carer support groups) join the together program.

Across New South Wales organisations have submitted an Expressions of Interest (EOI) to become a 'Regional Assisting Organisation'. These Regional Assisting Organisations are located across the state and assist support groups for carers of people with disability.

Joining the together program can provide organisations with:

  • Capacity building to work with carers & carer support groups through equipping staff with relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Facilitator training, debriefing & networking for staff co-facilitating or mentoring carer support groups.
  • Resources & materials in best practice carer support group provision.
  • Improved community links through establishing and maintaining referral pathways for carers of people with a disability.

To learn more about being an organisation with the together program please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

To submit your interest in becoming a 'Regional Assisting Organisation' please email


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